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10 April 2014 

Our Activities (March 2014)


2 April 2014 

Press Release: “Experience Japan”- ‘Hanami’ Day and other Festival Events!


1 April 2014 

Press Release: "Imagining Japan, 1570-1750, An exhibition in Marsh's Library, Dublin from 14 April to 14 June 2014"


19 March 2014

Press Release: "Japanese Film Festival returns to venues across Ireland, 3-17 April 2014"

10 March 2014 

Press Release: "Koizumi Yakumo Memorial Garden" in Tramore, Waterford receives fund from Japan



15 April 2014 NEW

Call for applications to the 8th International MANGA Award, 15 April - 31 May


24 March 2014

- In association with Experience Japan -
"Imagining Japan, 1570-1750", an exhibition in the Marsh's Library between 14 April and 14 June


24 March 2014

- In association with Experience Japan -
"First Impressions of Japan in Europe: Image and Reality", a public lecture by Dr Declan M. Downey, RAH, at the Marsh's Library at 18:00-19:30 on 14 April. Advance booking essential at the marshs Library


20 March 2014

The Japanese Film Festival will be held between 3 April and 17 April


15 April 2014 NEW

Applications now being accepted for Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarships for Research Students 2015-2017


10 April 2014 

Japanese Government Launches New Website on Japanese Territory


1 April 2014 

Comparison of the air dose rate data between cities in Japan and the world's major cities

Information on the Final Report on the IAEA Review Mission on Mid-and-Long-Term Roadmap towards the Decommissioning of TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Units 1-4 (issued on Feb 13, 2014)

28 March 2014

Prime Minister Abe's Attendance at The Hague Nuclear Security Summit (March 23-26, 2014)


19 March 2014

Video: Japan-China Relations - Towards a Mutually Beneficial Relationship based on Common Strategic Interests
Video: China's Maritime Activities in the Asia-Pacific Region and Japan's Reaction
Video: Pursuing a Forward-Looking Relationship between Japan and the Republic of Korea

19 March 2014

The Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (The Hague Convention)

19 March 2014

Contribution in kind to the UN Mission in the Republic of South Sudan

5 March 2014 

Video: "Sea of Japan" - A globally established name.

5 March 2014 

Attendance of Prime Minister Abe at the Sochi Olympic Winter Games

20 February 2014 

Announcement of Winners of the Seventh International MANGA Award

5 February 2014 

Prime Minister Abe's Visit to India(January 25 - 27, 2014)

29 January 2014 

Policy Speech by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the 186th Session of the Diet

23 January 2014 

Prime Minister Abe's Attendance at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2014(January 23, 2014)

17 January 2014 

Prime Minister Abe's Visit to Oman, Côte d'Ivoire, Mozambique and Ethiopia(January 9 - 15, 2014)

27 December 2013 

Statement by Prime Minister Abe -Pledge for everlasting peace-

18 December 2013 

Japan-Laos Summit Meeting

18 December 2013 

Japan-Cambodia Summit Meeting

26 November 2013 

Statement by the Minister for Foreign Affairs on the announcement on the “East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone” by the Ministry of National Defense of the People’s Republic of China

12 November 2013 

Prime Minister Abe's Visit to Turkey

1 November 2013 

Leaflet: Japan’s Position on the Senkaku Islands

The Senkaku Islands - Seeking Maritime Peace based on the Rule of Law, not force and coercion (Video)

Leaflet: Japan’s Position on Takeshima

Takeshima - Seeking a Solution based on Law and Dialogue (Video)

18 October 2013 

Prime Minister Abe's Attendance at ASEAN-related Summit Meetings (9-10 October 2013)

16 October 2013 

Attendance at APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting By Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

1 October 2013 

The 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

18 September 2013 

New Irish JET Reports

17 September 2013 

G20 Saint-Petersburg Summit

28 August 2013 

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Visit to Bahrain, Kuwait, Djibouti and Qatar (24 - 29 August 2013)

15 August 2013 

Speech by H.E. Mr. Fumio Kishida, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, at the Opening Ceremony of the “Hiroshima Round Table” -Vision and Steps toward “A World without Nuclear Weapons”-

14 August 2013 

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Visit to Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines

5 July 2013 

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4 June 2013 

TICAD V Outcomes

16 May 2013 

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to the Middle East

11 March 2013 

The 21st Japan-EU Summit Meeting

8 March 2013 

Comment by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, on the Adoption of a Resolution by the United Nations Security Council on the Nuclear Test conducted by North Korea

5 March 2013 

Policy Speech by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the 183rd Session of the Diet

28 February 2013 

Foreign Policy Speech by Minister for Foreign Affairs Fumio Kishida to the 183rd Session of the Diet

2 February 2013

New e-mail addresses from 2 February 2013:
Consular Section: consular@ir.mofa.go.jp
Cultural Section: cultural@ir.mofa.go.jp
JET Desk : jet@ir.mofa.go.jp

30 January 2013

Attention to Japanese Government Scholarship

21 January 2013

Policy Speech by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, "The Bounty of the Open Seas: Five New Principles for Japanese Diplomacy"

21 January 2013

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Visit to Southeast Asia(16 - 19 January 2013)

21 January 2013

Emergency Economic Measures for The Revitalization of the Japanese Economy

10 January 2013 

List of Ministers / Cabinet Decisions / Direction

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Outline of New Immigration Procedures: Requirements for the Provision of Personal Information

Irish JET Alumni Association (IJET)

Social Insurance System in Japan

Working Holiday in Japan

Press Conference by

Foreign Minister

Press Secretary of MOFA


Meeting between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Taoiseach Enda Kenny (Tokyo, 2 December 2013)
(Photo from Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Public Relations Office website)

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