Visiting Japan


Consular Information

1. Police Certificate

Police Certificates from the Japanese National Police Agency are issued only when requested by certain authorities as required by law. The certificate is designed for certain purposes such as applications for a business permit to establish a company, long-term residency, adoption, Dublin Airport Identification Card, and working with children and vulnerable people, or when requested by foreign authorities (e.g. an embassy, immigration agency, and others). Individuals who wish to apply for a Police Certificate other than for the above-mentioned reasons are asked to contact the Consular Section regarding the correct application procedure.

The following documents are required for the application:
  1. Valid passport
  2. Application form (provided by the Consular Section on the day)
  3. Fingerprints form (provided by the Consular Section on the day)
  4. Documents to support your reason for applying, which must clearly state why you require a Police Certificate (e.g. a letter from the organisation where you will be employed, written regulation of the organisation or authority)

The application for a Police Certificate must be submitted by the applicant in person at the Embassy. Your application will be forwarded to Japan and it will take approximately two months for processing. This document certifies whether the applicant has any criminal convictions in Japan and is written in Japanese, English, French, German and Spanish.

Free of charge.

Office Hours and Contact
09.30-13.00 and 14.00-16.30, Monday-Friday (excluding Embassy Holidays)
An appointment is required.

Consular Section, Embassy of Japan in Ireland
Nutley Building, Merrion Centre, Nutley Lane, Dublin 4
Tel: 01-202-8300
Fax: 01-260-1285

We strongly advise applicants to collect the certificate in person from the Embassy, as it contains private and confidential information. Please bring your passport with you on your visit. If it is not possible to collect the certificate in person, you can arrange for a family member/friend to collect it on your behalf, providing us with a Letter of Authorisation and photo ID of the person who will collect it (i.e. passport or driving licence). or If you wish to receive the certificate by registered post, please provide us with €9.50 stamp.

Important Information
  1. In some cases, we may require additional documents, such as a letter from the authority requesting the Police Certificate, as well as a textual extract of the relevant law with a Japanese translation.
  2. The National Police Agency in Japan may request that your fingerprints be taken again if they have not been taken to a sufficient standard.
  3. Please note that we will not be responsible for any loss or damages resulting from the posting of your Police Certificate.