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Our Activities (March 2015)

20 March 2015 – Lecture by Ambassador Atsumi at Trinity College Dublin

On 20 March,Ambassador Atsumi gave a lecture entitled “The UN in Japan’s Foreign & Security Policy” at Trinity College Dublin. The lecture was attended by Dr Etain Tannam, Assistant Professor and Programme Coordinator, International Peace Studies, and about 30 Trinity College staff and students, who all listened with great interest.  
11 March 2015 – Life Sciences Seminar

On 11 March, Ambassador Atsumi gave the opening remarks at the Life Sciences Seminar held by the Irish Exporters Association. 
7 March 2015 - 13th Japanese Speech Contest

On 7 March, the 13th Japanese Speech Contest was held at UCD in Dublin. Following the opening remarks of encouragement given by the Vice Director of the Japan Foundation London Office, Mr Tomoki Akazawa, the 16 contestants in the secondary school category and 6 contestants in the general category demonstrated their Japanese language skills and delighted the audience with their enthusiastic speeches, making this year’s contest a very successful event. 
4, 5 March 2015 - Japan Information Stand at Dublin’s Central Library and Greystones Library

On 4 March, the Embassy held a Japan Information Stand at the Central Library in Dublin’s city centre, and at Greystones Library, Co. Wicklow on 5 March. The many people who visited the stands showed great interest in the information provided on Japanese culture, travel to Japan etc. 
3 March 2015 - Poetry Reading with Tanka Poet Hisa Kagawa

On 3 March, an evening of poetry readings with tanka poet Hisa Kagawa was held at the Embassy of Japan. In addition to tanka, the evening included readings of haiku by Haiku Poet Anatoly Kudryavitsky, Chairman of the Irish Haiku Society, to which all the participants listened attentively.