Call for Pitch Contest Entrants and Booth Exhibitors:1st City-Tech.Tokyo

Overview of the 1st City-Tech.Tokyo!
The event is to be held on 27th- 28th February 2023, at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan. For up to 10,000 delegates, the new event offers start-up collaboration and investment opportunities in infrastructure, the environment, culture and living, which will lead to a fresh vision for cities using new ideas and technologies.
This new event includes:
• A pitch contest with a top prize of 10 million yen (€ 70,000) to determine the No.1 City-Tech.Tokyo start-up.
• Exhibition booths for start-ups, creating possibilities for business and innovation, with significant societal and business impact.
• Business meetings between the decision makers of Japanese companies and high-level start-ups from Japan and abroad.
We think this new event will be of interest to you and your colleagues / members.
To obtain further details and to pre-register, and to apply for the pitch contest or booth exhibit, please see the press release and event details links:
*Note: the deadline to apply for the pitch contest or booth exhibit is Oct 31st 2022.