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Ambassador Urabe Attends 20th Anniversary of Astellas Ireland 

(from left) Mr. Yamazaki, CEO of Astellas Ireland, Finance Minister Lenihan, 

Ambassador Urabe attended the 20th anniversary of Astellas Ireland on 10th July, where the Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan gave the opening speech and expressed his appreciation for the contributions of Astellas Ireland to Ireland’s economic growth in the past years. The Ambassador subsequently congratulated the company on its achievement not only in business and but also in its corporate social responsibility and the development of a mutually beneficial relationship between Japan and Ireland.


2008 JET Programme Pre-Departure Orientation and Farewell Reception  



On July 12, a pre-departure orientation and farewell reception were held for the 2008 JET Programme participants from Ireland at the Ambassador’s residence in Dublin. The JET Programme enables Japanese local authorities to employ young foreign people for the purpose of improving foreign language education as well as promoting international exchange at the community level throughout Japan. There are 33 Irish participants in the JET Programme this year, and they will go to live and work across Japan as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) or Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs), and also as Irish “Cultural Ambassadors”. 


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