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Japanese Film Festival 2008 

On November 14th, Ambassador Urabe launched the Japanese Film Festival 2008 at CineWorld in Dublin. The Festival was co-organised by the Embassy of Japan, access CINEMA, and the Ireland Japan Association (IJA). It continued until November 27, moving from Dublin to Cork and Limerick, with screenings of 4 films ("The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", "Hotel Hibiscus", "Mind Game", and "GO"). The Festival attracted about 2,000 viewers, filling all 4 screenings in Dublin.

Ambassador Urabe Participates in Conference to Launch Asian Studies Ireland Association

On November 14, Ambassador Urabe participated in a conference entitled "The Rise of Asia and the Challenge for Europe" held in Cork in commemoration of the launch of the Asian Studies Ireland Association.  At the conference, Mr. Micheal Martin, T.D., Minister for Foreign Affairs, made a keynote speech in which he confirmed the importance of Asian countries for Ireland, followed by the Asian Ambassadors Roundtable.  Since Asian countries were drawing increasing attention as the economic crisis deepens, participants at the conference actively exchanged opinions and raised many questions.  In particular, Ambassador Urabe explained Japan's experiences in financial crises and emphasised the need for the international community to deal with the crisis in a cooperative manner.


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