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2009 JET Returnee Welcome Home Reception

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On October 30, the 2009 JET Returnee Welcome Home Reception was held at the Ambassador’s residence in Dublin. JET Participants who returned to Ireland this year shared their memories and invaluable experience with other guests. Recruitment for the 2010 JET Programme started in earnest in October, and further information on the programme can be found on this website (link to the JET Programme page). (Photo 1: Ambassador Urabe giving speech, Photo 2: JET coordinator Ms. Kitty Burke who played a role of MC, Photo 3: at the reception)

Ambassador Urabe Visits Galway

During his stay in Galway, Ambassador Urabe visited the Galway City Museum on 30 October.  After seeing an origami workshop, Ambassador Urabe was given a tour of the museum by local Galway councillors and had the opportunity to view the exhibitions on the culture and history of the region.

Ambassador Urabe continued his visit with a courtesy call on Dr. James Brown, President of the National University of Ireland, Galway, during which he met faculty members and Japanese researchers and students and discussed scientific and research exchange between Japan and Ireland.


Opening of Japanese Film Festival 09 (Galway)

On 29 October, Ambassador Urabe gave the opening speech at the Japanese Film Festival 09 launch reception in Galway, attended by the Mayor of Galway City, Cllr. Declan McDonnell, as well as many other guests from the local community.  The reception opened with a performance of Soran Para Para dancing by a group of local university students.  Other cultural events taking place in Galway in conjunction with the Japanese Film Festival 09 included origami workshops and a cosplay ("Costume Roleplay") photoshoot and competition.

Now in its second year and taking place at venues in Galway, Limerick, Cork and Dublin, the Japanese Film Festival 09 (co-organised by the Embassy of Japan and access>CINEMA, with the cooperation of the Ireland Japan Association) includes screenings of 8 films and continues until 22 November.

  Signing of Japan-Ireland Social Security Agreement   

On October 29, the Japan-Ireland Social Security Agreement was signed in Dublin between Ambassador Urabe and Minister for Social and Family Affairs Ms. Mary Hanafin. It has been a pending issue that employees who are temporarily sent to the other country by corporations, etc. are obliged to join the pension systems of both countries, thus imposing an economic burden. Through this Agreement, those sent for a period of five years or less shall be in principle subject only to the pension systems of the country from which they are sent. Also, entitlement to benefits shall be protected by adding together the contribution periods where a person has been covered by the systems of both countries.

Japan-Ireland Social Security Agreement (English) (PDF)
Japan-Ireland Social Security Agreement (Japanese) (PDF).


Launch of the School of Asian Studies and the Irish Institute of Korean Studies, University College Cork

On October 16, the launch of the School of Asian Studies and the Irish Institute of Korean Studies, University College Cork (UCC) was held in Dublin with Ambassador Urabe and other Asian Ambassadors in Ireland as guest speakers. The ways and means to promote Asian studies in Ireland were discussed at the roundtable session "the Study of Asia in the 21st Century" during the event, Photo: Ambassadors and UCC officials carrying cards on which the word "Education" are written in each country's language



Lecture on Japanese Politics  

On 12 October, Asahi Shimbun columnist Mr. Wakamiya Yoshibumi gave a lecture on Japanese politics at University College Dublin (co-sponsored by the Embassy of Japan and the UCD School of History & Archives), attended by Ambassador Urabe.

In his lecture Mr. Wakamiya presented an analysis of the domestic and foreign policy of the new Hatoyama government elected in September's general election. During the question and answer session, there were many questions from faculty members and students in the audience.

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